Government Entities

Defense of Local Government Entities

Defense of Local Government Entities

Schneider & Onofry's experience in representing insurers, self-insurers and businesses in a variety of risk-laden areas of the law, combined with special knowledge of municipal and First Amendment issues, make us an attractive law firm for municipal and county governments and special districts.

Proven Knowledge, Positive Results
Jon Schneider, 2017 Best Lawyers

"Lawyer of the Year"

The Best Lawyers in America® named firm founder and managing partner Jon Schneider its Phoenix "Lawyer of the Year" in Insurance Litigation for 2017. Jon's skills and professional reputation that benefit insurance companies are equally applicable to the defense of municipalities and other self-insured entities.

Efficiency, Expertise and Trial Experience in Defense of Self-Insured Entities

In all insurance defense matters, we strive to evaluate the case within the first 120 days to allow the client to properly set reserves for the claim presented, recommend whether the case should be settled or tried, and provide a detailed plan to obtain the desired objective. In addition, we have experience using alternative billing methods for clients who seek fixed fees or task-based billing arrangements.
We believe clients deserve the steady hand of attorneys who provide frank and objective advice driven by intelligent, unbiased analysis of the facts, and measured by common sense and the realities of litigation. We have extensive trial experience and understand the uncertainty of litigation, however we are not afraid of it and will go to trial when it is necessary and unavoidable. Each senior attorney has more than 20 years of litigation experience, so we are ready for any challenge.
Efficient interaction and communication among team members and the client is critical to effective legal representation. It means we can secure and share relevant information, determine strategies, build cases, seek solutions faster and more efficiently than opposing counsel. Our high level of efficiency and expertise not only contributes to our success but it substantially lowers the cost of the legal process for our clients.
Our lawyers and staff are passionate about their work. Obsessive to some. But that’s good news. It means we stay the course, stay focused. We don’t give up. In short, we care.
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