YUMA, Arizona. According to the Detroit Free Press , Harley-Davidson recently recalled 175,000 motorcycles because the bikes’ brakes could fail. The models affected by the recall encompass bikes dating between 2008 and 2011. 30 models are affected. A valve in the bike’s antilock brake control unit can stick if individuals don’t change their bike’s brake fluid every two years as specified in the owner’s manual.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were three crashes and two injuries that resulted from the defect. There is concern that if owners don’t provide their bikes with regular maintenance, that more accidents can occur. Harley-Davidson has set up a VIN lookup on its site that allows owners to check to see if their vehicle is affected by the recall. Individuals can also go to safecar.gov to look up recalls on their vehicles.

Motorcycle braking is essential to rider safety. Being able to stop as needed and being able to slow down is quintessential to rider safety. Motorcycle riders don’t have the protective chassis of a car. If the motorcycle fails to stop or if another driver collides with a motorcyclist because of a rider’s brake malfunction, the rider can suffer serious injuries.

Even without the recall, motorcycle riders should always regularly maintain their motorcycle’s brakes and follow all instructions provided in their owner’s manual. Brake failure is serious failure and it can cost you your life or lead to serious injury. Additionally, riders should take the time to brush up on their riding skills. Braking on a motorcycle is an art. Brake too suddenly, and you can go flying forward. Unlike a car, where your seat belt might be enough to prevent you from flying through your windshield, braking suddenly on a motorcycle can have some serious consequences.

Riders should give ample space to cars in front of them and scan the road for hazards. Bikers cannot stop as quickly as cars, and the consequences of a sudden stop are far more serious.

If you are not sure about the performance of your brakes, take the time to check for recalls, and if no recalls are posted, consider taking in your bike for maintenance.

Finally, drivers also have a responsibility to share the road. A driver’s mistake can lead to serious consequences and injuries for a motorcyclist. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a motorcycle accident either due to a bike defect or due to the negligent actions of another driver on the road, you and your family may have important rights under the law. You may be entitled to seek damages for your pain and suffering, medical expenses, and lost wages. Consider speaking Schneider & Onofry, the qualified personal injury lawyers in Yuma, Arizona. Our firm can review the facts of your case and help you seek the damages you may deserve. You may only have a limited amount of time to make a claim under Arizona law. Visit us at https://www.soarizonalaw.com/ today to learn more and to protect your rights.