Phoenix-Yuma Premises Liability Defense Attorneys

Schneider & Onofry attorneys have handled thousands of premises liability cases, from a simple slip and fall to complex construction site accidents.

There are a few general principles that make Arizona premises liability claims unique. Arizona still follows the common law distinctions recognized between invitees, licensees, and trespassers. But beyond that, the difference between liability, non-liability, and passing liability onto another responsible entity requires a working knowledge of the interplay between Arizona’s rules regarding several liability, non-parties at fault, and the non-delegable duty owed by property owners.

In many cases, the property owner cannot avoid initial legal responsibility, but may pass that liability onto another entity through a proper tender of defense seeking indemnity. Indemnity law in Arizona is complicated, but S&O has handled hundreds of disputes regarding the interpretation of various indemnity agreements.

Premises Liability in the Hospitality Industry

Because Arizona is an attractive tourism and convention locale, Arizona’s hospitality industry is particularly vulnerable to premises liability claims. Schneider & Onofry attorneys have represented numerous entities in the hospitality industry, including restaurants, hotels, bars, and resorts. We regularly defend such businesses in a wide range of premises liability and related issues, such as liquor liability, negligent security, slip and fall claims, criminal conduct of third-parties, false imprisonment and food-born illness claims.

Our attorneys have significant experience in advising hospitality clients on how to prevent accidents and lawsuits. We collaborate with clients in evaluating staff training procedures, creating actions plans for defending against certain cases or scenarios, and educating staff on the potential consequences of violations. We also advise clients on how to comply with the most recent Arizona dram shop laws.

Recent Arizona Premises Liability Defense Cases

  • Obtained a defense verdict in a premises liability claim against a national hotel chain by a plaintiff who was injured when he walked into a plate glass window.
  • Defense of a school district sued for a slip-and-fall for which the plaintiff sought $300,000 for injuries.
  • Defense of an apartment complex sued for premises liability when a woman was bit by a feral cat, causing numerous injuries.
  • Representation of an individual sued for premises liability and catastrophic injuries when a woman dove into an extremely shallow pool.
  • Defended a corporation sued for premises liability and wrongful death of a person shot to death in their parking lot.
  • Representation of an apartment complex sued for premises liability and wrongful death of a tenant found dead in his apartment, allegedly due to the spraying of bugs.
  • Defense of an apartment complex sued for catastrophic injuries by an individual who was working on the roof when he was allegedly blown 30 feet to the ground below.
  • Representation of a subcontractor who was sued when an individual fell 25 feet through a partially cut opening for a skylight to the concrete below.
  • Defense of an entity sued for negligent supervision and training when an employee was electrocuted and suffered catastrophic injuries.
  • Defense of a wrongful death claim brought by the parents of a passenger in a vehicle that slammed into a piece of heavy equipment at a construction site. Parents claimed the equipment was not properly parked at the site.
  • Representation of a tree-trimming service sued for premises liability when an employee entered the property with his girlfriend, sat with her on a wood chipper, and attempted to push the two of them through. The girlfriend survived.
  • Representation of an apartment complex sued for negligent security after a resident’s child was molested.
  • Defense of a lumber yard worker sued for the wrongful death of young boy who was killed while playing on a forklift.
  • Representation of a county association sued for the debilitating injuries suffered by a jockey who was thrown from a horse and trampled during a county fair event.

Insurance Defense Peer Recognition

Schneider & Onofry has the collective experience of over 300 jury trials, 500 arbitrations, and literally thousands of general liability cases. Individual honors for Jon Schneider, Chuck Onofry and their senior colleagues include:

  • Jon Schneider was recognized by The Best Lawyers in America® as the 2017 “Lawyer of the Year” for Phoenix in Insurance Litigation
  • Jon Schneider, Chuck Onofry, Joe Swan and Tim O’Connor are members of the American Board of Trial Advocates
  • Chuck Onofry and Joe Swan are Certified Specialists in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death (Arizona Board of Legal Specialization)
  • Jon Schneider, Chuck Onofry and Joe Swan are Best Lawyers in America honorees
  • Jon Schneider and Chuck Onofry are Super Lawyers honorees
  • Our attorneys have published numerous insurance- and trial-related articles and frequently lecture on a variety of trial tactic topics

Efficiency in Litigation

Schneider & Onofry attorneys are committed to efficiently evaluate and litigate cases. This is the result of handling literally thousands of general liability cases and understanding the importance of a cost/benefit approach to discovery.

The Importance of Early Evaluations and Setting Reserves. We know the importance of evaluations and the reserve process and believe that, in the majority of cases where there has been a preliminary investigation, we can provide an accurate evaluation that will hold up through the life of the case within 90-120 days of answering the complaint.

Billing/Budgets. We are accustomed to and understand the importance of timely reporting, working within budgets, and adhering to billing guidelines. We have adopted to those insurers which have replaced traditional paper invoicing with a paperless system such as is used with Legal Exchange, Counselink, Legal Solutions, Extranet, Allegient, and many others.

Technology. We use the latest technology in the office and courtroom, which has dramatically enhanced the exchange of information and reduced the cost of litigation to our clients.

Competitive Advantages in Yuma Insurance Litigation

Schneider & Onofry is committed to serving carriers with claims in Yuma County. Since 2009, we have been the only insurance defense firm with an established office and active day-to-day practice in Yuma. We welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss how we might help you succeed in Yuma County’s unique legal, business and cultural environment.

Why You Want Defense Counsel With Yuma Experience

Yuma is a border town with unique characteristics. It has very much a small-town feel, although the county has doubled in size within the last 20 years and now has an effective population of over 200,000. The community’s economy is anchored by highly sophisticated agricultural and distribution industries and the presence of a U.S. Marine Corps air station. The area’s economic sectors and ethnic and socioeconomic diversity are reflected in each jury panel assembled in superior court.

Benefits of Using Schneider & Onofry in Yuma

Most defense firms leverage their work by having associates handle the day-to-day activities, with the partner mostly supervising. That is not the case with Schneider & Onofry. In Yuma, your claim will be handled directly by either Jon Schneider or Chuck Onofry, both of whom have substantial experience. They continue to handle claims from start to finish, meaning they are steeped in all aspects of investigation, discovery, motion practice, trials, post-trial motions, and any appeal.

Other unique benefits of using Schneider & Onofry in Yuma include:

  • the only established defense firm in Yuma
  • fully staffed office with videoconference capability
  • no travel time expense (Phoenix-Yuma round trip is six hours)
  • bilingual attorneys
  • familiarity with Yuma attorneys
  • trial experience before all Yuma County judges
  • familiar with IME doctors in Yuma County
  • jury selection is enhanced by our involvement in and familiarity with the Yuma community and its unique characteristics
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