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Probate, Trust and Estate Lawsuit Attorneys

Schneider & Onofry attorneys offer trial experience that can apply to a variety of estate controversies, including lawsuits involving probate and trust disputes.

Because they often involve inheritance, intrafamily conflicts, and the death or vulnerability of loved one, trust, probate and estate disputes can be highly personal, emotion-driven, and complicated. 
If you are involved in an estate controversy – as an heir, personal representative (known in many states as executor), or trustee -- you want a lawyer who not only can protect your interests (or those of the vulnerable loved one), but also resolve the dispute so that the loved one’s wishes are honored and the estate assets are properly managed and, ultimately, distributed.

The Value of an Experienced Trial Lawyer

No one wins in protracted litigation. In many cases, trust and estate disputes are resolved when the opposing party knows you have a lawyer who will take the case to trial if necessary. After all, that is where the dispute ends up if there is no settlement. That may require hiring an attorney who is more than a trust and estate litigator, but an attorney who understands trust and estate law and has extensive trial experience.
You have found such attorneys at Schneider & Onofry. We are a group of accomplished trial lawyers, not estate planners, who have handled thousands, and actually tried and arbitrated literally hundreds of cases and appeals to conclusion. We know litigation from start to finish.
We also believe that a trial lawyer’s stock in trade is to take a complicated matter and simplify it. After all, having a good lawyer does not help you if you do not understand what he or she is saying.

Types of Probate, Trust and Estate Disputes

 We aggressively represent heirs, beneficiaries, personal representatives and trustees in disputes involving:
  • Inheritance disputes
  • Validity of a Trust or Will
  • Proper interpretations of a Trust or Will
  • Claims that a Trust or Will is invalid because of undue influence or lack of testamentary capacity
  • Location and extent of assets
  • Dissipation of assets from a vulnerable adult who has executed a Trust or Will
  • Improper transfer of assets
  • The duties of a Trustee or Personal Representative
  • Alleged mismanagement by a Trustee or Personal Representative
  • Favoritism or bias in the administration of the Trust or Will
  • Challenges of fees charged by a Trustee or Personal Representative
  • Attempted removal of a Trustee or Personal Representative
  • Claims of elder abuse or financial fraud
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