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Schneider & Onofry's mediation resources range in sophistication from a former Superior Court presiding judge to a fixed-fee, half-day "affordable mediation" session.

A Variety of Mediation Styles and Backgrounds

Schneider & Onofry mediators have conducted hundreds of arbitrations, mediations and settlement conferences. The depth of our firm's mediation resources offer litigators and their clients a welcome variety of styles, approaches and backgrounds in mediating contentious disputes.

Judicial Experience

Judge Thomas C. Kleinschmidt was appointed to the Maricopa County Superior Court in 1977, where he served for five years, including two as the Presiding Civil Judge. In 1982, he was appointed to the Arizona Court of Appeals for Division One. Judge Kleinschmidt served as the Chief Judge of Division One from 1994 through 1996, and he remained with the Court of Appeals until 2000.

Since joining Schneider & Onofry of counsel in 2000, Judge Kleinschmidt has been involved in numerous complex cases and served as a private mediator, arbitrator, special discovery master, and appellate consultant.

Alternative Approach

For cost-sensitive matters that require more than a free settlement conference but do not warrant the cost of a traditional private mediation, many attorneys find value in Jason Kelly's "Affordable Mediations" package.

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