Appellate Attorneys

We have represented a wide range of clients as lead and co-counsel in over 100 appeals before the Arizona Court of Appeals, Arizona Supreme Court, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. We have also handled more than 40 administrative appeals.

Several of our attorneys are former clerks to federal and state appellate judges. We have appellate experience in many areas, including commercial and business disputes, First Amendment and other constitutional issues, construction defect, tort liability, medical malpractice, homeowner association disputes, probate and trust issues, and contract disputes.

Big Picture.
Appellate work requires more than strong writing and oral advocacy skills. It requires objectivity and the confidence to evaluate the “big picture” based on an objective review of what occurred in the trial court and the record on appeal.

Humility and Respect.
Being an effective appellate attorney requires a healthy respect for the appellate system, which has its own nuances. To have credibility, an appellate attorney must maintain steadfast adherence to the record on appeal and demonstrate respect for the court and for adversaries’ positions. While theatrics and impassioned pleas often play a part in trial courts, that is not true in appellate courts, where the focus is strictly on the legal arguments and the supporting evidence in the record.

Reliable, Highly Trained Appellate Attorneys.
Our skilled appellate lawyers are known and respected by appellate judges and the opposition, and we do not shrink at the thought of digging through documents, analyzing the issues and applicable law, preparing briefs, or going to oral arguments.

Objective Analysis.
An objective evaluation helps you and your client make the best possible decision based on the status of the case and the appellate record.

Oral Advocacy.
Appellate advocacy before a panel of three or more judges is also important to an appeal. The advocate must know the record from top to bottom and be prepared to answer questions on both the legal issues and supporting evidence.

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