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Remarriage After Divorce: The Cost of Stepchildren

YUMA, Arizona. According to Bloomberg, among couples over age 55 who have adult children, 33 percent have stepchildren. As more people get divorced and remarried, the chances of having an extended family have also grown significantly. More of the people we consider kin are not always our biological parents or children. However, when families grow […]

Five Things You Should Know About Remarriage After Divorce

YUMA, Arizona. If you’re in the process of getting divorced, remarriage might be the last thing from your mind. But, it is important to remember that many people choose to start over after divorce. The decisions you make during you divorce can impact your life for years to come. Keeping your future goals in mind […]

Surviving Grief After a Car Accident

YUMA, Arizona. If a loved one was injured or killed in a car accident, the most difficult time for you and your family may not be in the immediate aftermath. The immediate aftermath of a tragedy tends to be a busy time for family. You may be speaking to doctors or helping your loved one […]

Five Reasons People Stay in Marriages That Don’t Work

YUMA, Arizona. Divorce is tough. Many couples spend long periods of time in marriages that aren’t working because they don’t want to face the challenges that divorce brings with it. While some struggling marriages can be saved, there are times when it is not only healthier to leave, but also the best decision you could […]

Injury Risk: Harley Recalls 175,000 Bikes Because Of Brake Failure Risk

YUMA, Arizona. According to the Detroit Free Press , Harley-Davidson recently recalled 175,000 motorcycles because the bikes’ brakes could fail. The models affected,by the recall encompass bikes dating between 2008 and 2011. 30 models are affected. A valve in the bike’s antilock brake control unit can stick if individuals don’t change their bike’s brake fluid […]

Taking Flu Medicine? Car Accident Risk and Over the Counter Flu Medicines

YUMA, Arizona. This year, the flu has hit the U.S. particularly hard. According to Forbes , hospitalizations for the flu have been on the rise, recently, with the Centers for Disease Control calling this year’s flu season the worst in years. While the flu can be potentially deadly, the real risks may have less to […]

Prepare for Bigger Divorce Battles in 2019

YUMA, Arizona. Divorce lawyers across the country are preparing themselves for 2019. Why? In 2019, tax reform laws regarding a tax-savings alimony deduction will change. According to the Chicago Tribune, starting in 2019, divorcing individuals will no longer be able to deduct their alimony payments from taxable income. In current divorce settlements, the alimony deduction […]

How to Let Go of That Grudge During Divorce

YUMA, Arizona. Divorce can be a difficult time for all involved. While forgiveness might be the last thing on your mind right now, it might be wise to take a moment and consider the benefits of dropping your grudges—before you finalize your divorce. Why? Divorce is ultimately a legal and financial process. When emotions get […]

Selling Your Home During YourDivorce? What You Need to Know

YUMA, Arizona. If you’re getting divorced, there are two major aspects of any divorce that can lead to disagreements, acrimony, and trouble. One of these is understandably the question of child custody and the other involves the family home. Who gets the home? Should the home be sold? How will proceeds be divided? All of […]

Why Are Bike Shares Safer Than Regular Biking?

YUMA, Arizona. According to Vox, no one in the U.S. has died in a bike sharing accident. Given the prevalence of bike sharing in cities across the United States, this fact is fascinating. Vox reports that 35 million bike share trips have been taken since programs began. When you compare the 0 deaths in bike […]