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Employment Law: “Am I My Brother’s Keeper?”

By Chuck Onofry and Dee Giles Ohio State University football coach Urban Meyer is the latest collegiate coach to face discipline or possible termination, because he failed to promptly report “up the chain” alleged misconduct committed by one of his assistant coaches that was completely unrelated to his work performance. Is it legal to discipline […]

Distracted Driving and Spinal Cord Injury

YUMA, Arizona. Distracted driving can have serious detrimental effects on individuals and their families. According to the Shepherd Center, one of the leading rehabilitation hospitals in the nation, distracted driving is one of the causes of serious car accidents every year. According to the Shepherd Center, one out of ten drivers use their cell phones […]

Divorce When Your Ex is Addicted

YUMA, Arizona. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse , every day, 115 people die from opioid overdose. Opioid abuse, substance abuse, and addiction in general, tears apart families and leads to divorce in some cases. There may be as many as 12 million alcohol addicts, as many as 2 million cocaine addicts, and […]

Four Essential Car Repairs That Can Prevent an Accident

YUMA, Arizona. Your car has been making noise, or maybe you noticed something was off when you started your car’s engine. While some repairs can wait, there are other repairs that can be deadly or dangerous to put off. What are some repairs you should never put off? Here are four: Brakes. According to U.S. […]

Dating Applications Won’t Reveal Injury and Violence Risks

YUMA, Arizona. Esquire reports that while 73% of women and 43% of men meet their partners socially, more Americans than ever are using dating applications. According to the Pew Research Center, 59% of Americans believe that using dating applications is a great way to find a potential partner. Yet, how safe are dating applications? How […]

How Universities Protect Professors When They Face Lawsuits

YUMA, Arizona. Sexual assault and sexual harassment on campus is a major issue that has faced national scrutiny. Victims of sexual assault and harassment suffer real injuries. They suffer psychological trauma. They may miss time from work because of their trauma. They may struggle to resume old life activities or work, and may struggle to […]

Divorce and Your Parenting Plan: Should You Include Rules?

YUMA, Arizona. If you are getting divorced in Yuma, Arizona, you and your ex will need to develop a parenting plan. More detailed parenting plans are beneficial because they reduce the likelihood of conflict in the future and they make it more likely that both parents will abide by the rules. However, how detailed should […]

Dividing Your Vacation Home During Your Divorce

YUMA, Arizona. If you’re getting divorced and own more than one home, one of the big questions you and your former spouse will have to answer involves how you will divide your property. According to Nerd Wallet , if you own real estate, your first step should be to get an appraisal of the value of […]

Understanding the Cycle of Abuse When Leaving an Abusive Marriage

YUMA, Arizona. The #MeToo movement has resulted in some positive changes in workplaces and in the media. The nation is having an honest and sometimes difficult conversation about struggles women sometimes face in the workplace, when dating, or when just trying to go about their everyday lives. Yet, according to the New York Times , […]

Navigating the High-Conflict Divorce

YUMA, Arizona. Many divorce lawyers and judges might assume that in any high-conflict divorce, both parties might be somewhat responsible for the conflict and for the divorce. And, in many cases, both parties often have a role to play in high-conflict divorces. However, for women trying to leave an abusive situation, the steps she might […]