Five Reasons People Stay in Marriages That Don’t Work

Arizona. Divorce is tough. Many couples spend long periods of time in marriages
that aren’t working because they don’t want to face the challenges that divorce
brings with it. While some struggling marriages can be saved, there are times
when it is not only healthier to leave, but also the best decision you could
make for yourself or your family. Why do people stay in marriages that don’t
work? And how can you know when it’s time to leave? Here are five reasons that
people stay when they should go:

of failure. According to Psychology

, some
divorced individuals suffer from shame after the end of a marriage. But, that
very shame can also prevent a person from ending a marriage when the other
person is an alcoholic, abusive, or otherwise not a good match. Are you unhappy
in your marriage more than you are happy? Does your partner suffer from
addiction or is your partner unfaithful? Leaving an unhealthy relationship
isn’t failure. It can sometimes be a healthy choice.

of being alone. The fear of being alone shouldn’t be the only reason you stay
in a relationship that isn’t working. Dr. Ruth, writing for Cosmopolitan

puts it best: “Being stuck in a
relationship that’s only somewhat satisfying, significantly lowers your odds of
finding a good relationship.”

of what divorce will do to your children. If you and your partner fight all the
time, your marriage might be harming your children more than divorce ever
could. In fact, some studies show that when children see their parents
accepting bad behavior, it makes it more likely that they will accept this same
bad behavior in future mates. Divorce can be a painful lesson that you may have
to show your children. Sometimes relationships don’t work out, but this doesn’t
have to be the end of the world or the end of your family. In fact, children
may be less harmed by living in two peaceful households rather than living in
one household that is a war zone.

worries. Yes, you need to be able to support yourself and your children after
divorce, but financial concerns shouldn’t be your only reason to remain in a
bad relationship. The law offers individuals certain legal protections, such as
equitable division of property and assets, and in some cases, you may even be
entitled to receive alimony.

is supposed to be forever. Yes, when most people get married, they expect it to
last forever. But, if life with your spouse is impossible, trying to live up to
an impossible ideal won’t just hurt you, but could hurt your children and other
relationships in your life. If you’ve tried counseling to save your marriage,
but are still unhappy, it might be time to part ways peacefully.

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