Five Things You Should Know About Remarriage After Divorce

Arizona. If you’re in the process of getting divorced, remarriage might be the
last thing from your mind. But, it is important to remember that many people
choose to start over after divorce. The decisions you make during you divorce
can impact your life for years to come. Keeping your future goals in mind is
important when planning your divorce settlement, especially if you think
remarriage may someday be in the cards. Remarriage after divorce can be a
chance to start over and grow. Here are five things you should know about
remarriage after divorce.

  • Take
    time to grow before plunging into new relationships. According to Cosmopolitan

    , some were surprised to learn that
    Gwyneth Paltrow has chosen to remarry. Paltrow championed the “conscious
    uncoupling” practice that led many people to change the way they get divorced.
    Paltrow, however, notes that she took the time to fully understand what her
    divorce meant before she plunged into a new relationship. It can be tough to
    reframe divorce from being a “failure” to being a growth opportunity, but part
    of the process of getting divorced is growing past the pain.
  • Investigate
    what you don’t want to bring forward from your past marriage. According to the Huffington Post
    , it is important to move beyond
    the “blame game.” The end of your marriage was not likely the fault of one
    person or the other, but the result of a dynamic you and your ex shared. Take
    some time to reflect on the things you don’t want to carry forward into new
  • Investigate
    what you do want to carry forward. You got married once. There were probably
    things you appreciated about your ex. What were they? What are aspects of your
    marriage you’d like to have in future relationships. Honoring what worked in
    your marriage is just as important as considering what didn’t work.
  • Make
    sure you are over your ex before you start dating. This can take time. It’s
    worth it to give yourself space before moving on.
  • Communicate.
    When it comes to relationship killers, lack of communication is the leading
    cause. Work on your communication with your partner. Consider the ways in which
    communication may have broken down with your ex. Reserve time to talk about
    concerns with your partner. While many people might think that it is money or
    infidelity that tears a relationship apart, the reality is that it has more to
    do with communication. A couple might drift apart, and rather than talking, one
    person has an affair. Or, a couple faces money troubles, and rather than
    communicating, one person blames the other. Take time to talk.

If you are
going through a divorce, the decisions you make now can impact you long into
the future. For example, alimony arrangements, child custody decisions, and
division of assets can impact future relationships and life choices. As you
plan your divorce, it is important to consider your future goals in the
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