Phoenix-Yuma Probate, Trust and Estate Lawsuit Attorneys

Whether you have a legal claim to a trust or estate, are concerned about the well-being of an elderly or vulnerable person, or are serving as a fiduciary
– i.e., a trustee, personal representative, guardian or conservator – Schneider & Onofry can provide you with sound legal advice, practical strategies, and effective and aggressive advocacy to help protect your interests in a contentious dispute.

 We aggressively represent heirs, beneficiaries, personal representatives and trustees in disputes involving:

  • Interpretation or validity of a will or trust
  • Claims of undue influence
  • Claims of lack of testamentary capacity (i.e., at the time the person made the will, they were not of sound mind)
  • Clarifying and affirming the responsibilities of a trustee or personal representative.
  • Disinheritance
  • The fiduciary duties of a trustee, personal representative, guardian or conservator
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Mismanagement or improper use of trust or estate assets
  • Excessive administrative fees
  • Elder abuse
  • Financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult

With the collective experience of having litigated thousands of cases, more than 300 jury trials, and over 500 arbitrations, Schneider & Onofry has the experience to provide you with objective advice and practical solutions – expressed in plain language – and, when circumstances call for it, the resolve and insight to take a case to trial, with a strong commitment to a successful outcome.

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