Yuma Personal Injury: How to Make the Most of Your Free Consultation with Your Lawyer

If you’ve been injured in a
car accident, truck accident, slip and fall accident, or suffered an injury due
to another person’s negligence or neglect, you may have the right to make a
claim with insurance companies and may have the right to seek damages from
negligent parties. For example, you may be entitled to collect damages for your
medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation expenses, and pain and suffering
damages. However, most people have never had to navigate the serious injury
claim process. If you’ve been seriously injured, insurance companies may need
detailed documentation in order to properly process your claim. If another
person or party hurt you in a car accident or due to negligence, you may not
know where to begin with your claim, but putting together evidence and a strong
demand letter are important early steps.

Schneider & Onofry, P.C.
is a personal injury lawyer in Yuma, Arizona who offers clients a free initial
consultation during which we can review your case, review your insurance claim,
and assist you with seeking the damages and recovery you may deserve under the
law. Our attorneys only get paid if you win. We can look at your case and offer
you an honest assessment of your claim and fight to help you get the settlement
you may deserve. Contact Schneider & Onofry, P.C., accident lawyers
in Yuma, Arizona

today to schedule your free
initial consultation.

How to Make the Most of Your
Free Initial Consultation

In order to make the most of
your free initial consultation with the personal injury lawyers at Schneider
& Onofry, P.C., it is helpful to come prepared. Bringing documentation
regarding your accident and as much information as possible to your first
consultation will help your accident lawyer when reviewing your case and when estimating
your damages. However, if you are having difficulty gathering some of this
information, don’t worry. Your personal injury lawyer can assist you. You may
only have a limited amount of time to make a claim under the law, so it is
important to reach out as soon as possible. Here are some ways you can prepare
for your free initial consultation:

police and accident reports. If you have accident reports or police reports,
bring these to your initial consultation. If you do not have police reports or
did not make an accident report, you may be able to make a report after the
fact. Schneider & Onofry, P.C. are personal injury lawyers in Yuma, Arizona
who may be able to assist you with navigating this process.

Reports, Treatment Plans, and Hospital Bills. In order to estimate the value of
your personal injury claim, your lawyer will review medical reports, treatment
plans, and hospital bills. Bringing as much documentation as possible to your
initial consultation will provide Schneider & Onofry, P.C. with more
information about the expenses you have incurred. Furthermore, the seriousness
of your injury and disability will also impact your claim and impact whether
you can make a claim for future medical expenses and lost wages. By reviewing
your diagnosis, your personal injury lawyer may be able to better estimate the
value of your claim.

Stubs. Lost wages for time you’ve missed from work will depend on your income
and how long you’ve missed from work. Bring pay stubs, evidence of time off
(letters to your employer or other correspondence) to your initial
consultation, so your attorney can incorporate these losses into your estimated

Information. If you were in a car or truck accident, bring insurance
information to your free initial consultation. Your attorney can review your
policy, help you understand your rights and may even be able to speak to
insurance adjusters on your behalf to help you get the claim you may deserve
under the law. Our firm can review your policy limits, your deductibles, and
take action to help you make your claim.

of the Accident. If you were able to take photos at the scene of the accident
or if you have pictures of your injuries and losses, bring these to your initial
consultation. They could be used as evidence later.

Information of Witnesses. If other people saw your accident, and you were able
to take down their contact information, bring this information to your initial
consultation. Your attorney may want to follow up with these individuals.

These are just some of the
documents you may want to bring to your initial consultation with your personal
injury attorney. During the course of your consultation, your accident lawyer
may request additional documentation and may be able to assist you with
gathering the additional documents you might need. However, it is important to
give your personal injury lawyer sufficient time to assist you with building
your case. Contact Schneider & Onofry, P.C., accident lawyer in Yuma,
Arizona today to learn more.