Yuma: Ten Self-Care Tips to Get YouThrough Your Divorce

If you’re considering getting
divorced in Yuma, Arizona or are currently navigating the divorce process, you
might be facing one of the most stressful and emotionally challenging times in
your life. Schneider & Onofry, P.C. are divorce
lawyers in Yuma, Arizona

who can
help you navigate the legal aspects of your divorce. But divorce is so much
more than a legal process. What are some ways you can take care of yourself as
you finalize your divorce?

1. Seek
Counseling Before You Begin the Legal Process of Divorcing. Marriages end for
many reasons. Often the legal initiation of a divorce is the result of many
months of counseling and discussions that leads a couple to the sad conclusion
that a marriage can no longer continue. However, when a divorce is initiated
rashly, under intense emotions, the likelihood that the divorce will be
tumultuous and difficult increases dramatically. When you bring your
relationship issues into tough questions like dividing assets and child
custody, it can make it much more difficult to find healthy resolutions. Before
you file for divorce, seek counseling. This way you and your partner can work
out the reasons why your marriage didn’t work, own your own part in the split,
and move forward with clearer heads as you navigate the legal aspects of your

2. When
You’re Ready to File, Seek A Divorce Lawyer. When the time does come to split,
each partner should have his or her divorce lawyer. While it is entirely
possible to represent yourself in your divorce, this may not be advisable. A
divorce lawyer can help you understand your rights and obligations and can help
you reach a divorce settlement that is best for your children and family. If
you get divorced without the assistance of an attorney, it is possible you
might be giving up important rights that you can’t get back later. Contact
Schneider & Onofry, P.C., a divorce lawyer in Yuma, Arizona today to learn
more about your rights and options.

3. Build
Your Community. Divorce can turn your home life upside down. Your parents might
be confused or upset. Friends might start to take sides. During your divorce,
it is important that you build a community of friends you can trust who can
support you through the process. Feel alone? Consider seeking out support
groups in your area, or join social groups to get you building a new community
that can sustain you post-divorce.

4. Sleep
Well, Eat Well, and Exercise. When things get emotional, it is easy to let the
basics slip. You might not be resting well because of the intense emotions you
might be experiencing. You might not be very hungry or may not want to cook.
However, now more than ever, it is important to eat well, get good rest, and
keep moving. Good exercise will make it easier for you to sleep, and good food
will give you the energy you need to get through your day.

5. Turn to
Your Support System. Remember that community you’re looking to build? When
times get rough, reach out. Need a babysitter for when you’re meeting your
divorce lawyer? Friends and family may want to help, but they may not always
know what to do. Making specific requests can go a long way to getting the
support you may need. Turning to loved ones and friends in times of trouble can
help you establish deeper bonds with friends in our lives. People love to feel
helpful and needed. By asking for help, you draw closer to others.

6. Try
Something New. Divorce can change your routines, and there may be a hole in
your life where your energy once went to your marriage. You’ll need to find new
ways to fill this hole. Join a book club, take an exercise class, learn a new
skill, grow. Now is the time. Change can also make space for you to take risks
you may not have taken while you were married. Want to take that job across the
country? Try it, but speak to your divorce lawyer first, because if you want to
move with the children, you may need to negotiate this change in your parenting
plan first.

7. Establish
a Routine. While it might be tough to keep to a routine while everything around
you might feel chaotic, establishing a sound bedtime, wake-up time, meal time,
and keeping your appointments and work schedule can give you an immense sense
of control over your life.

8. Get
Creative. Write out your feelings. Start painting. Sculpt your anger.
Creativity can help you process your emotions.

9. Create
New Goals. Life alone can feel strange, but if you have a new destination
you’re working towards, this can fill the lonely months after your marriage
ends with a new life.

10.Get Support for Your Children. Your children
may also be struggling with the divorce. Consider getting support for them too.