Employer Representation

We strive to help employers address employment-related problems in a creative and dynamic way that reflects real-world issues and protects the company’s interests.

Employment attorney Dee Giles
helps employers navigate employment law issues related to their employees and independent contractors, with an emphasis on counseling and defending employers in wage-and-hour and employee misclassification issues under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

Dee and his colleagues understand the dynamics of business and the challenges facing small business owners. We work together with employers to address the issues in a cost-effective and pragmatic approach that takes into account the fiscal challenges your business faces.

Our assistance to employers includes addressing potential employment issues before they become a point of dispute; helping employers understand regulatory issues and compliance; conducting workplace investigations; preparing workplace policies; drafting employee handbooks; and evaluating hiring and firing controversies.

We place a strong emphasis on wage-and-hour compliance with the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and we can provide effective counsel and representation in investigations by the Wage and Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor involving minimum wage, overtime,
and worker misclassification.

Beyond wage and hour issues, our employment attorneys have experience in representing employers in claims arising out of a wide variety of employment matters, including:

  • employment contracts,
  • discrimination in hiring and promotion,
  • sexual harassment,
  • whistleblower actions, and
  • wrongful termination.

Employers face immense challenges navigating through a myriad of complicated laws relating to pay, hours worked, leaves of absence, along with concerns of workplace harassment and discrimination. These are all areas which expose a company to threatened litigation and liability which is a huge drain on small to mid-size businesses and even more so on new businesses.

Businesses need to manage this risk.  

Because of our experience in having litigated thousands and tried to conclusion hundreds of cases, Schneider & Onofry attorneys offer a “big picture” perspective that can assist small to mid-size businesses in avoiding and minimizing these risks so it can get “back to business.”

See blog post: “Am I My Brother’s Keeper?” In the wake of the Coach Urban Meyer situation, is it legal to discipline an employee for “not reporting” non-work-related misconduct? Like most everything else in the law, “it depends.”

In today’s always-connected world of social media and blogs, people can instantly communicate their opinions to a worldwide audience. False or exaggerated opinions over these platforms can devastate both personal and corporate reputations, and slanderous and libelous statements can result in economic damages, including loss of business and damage to professional reputation.

Schneider & Onofry defamation attorneys have extensive experience representing both sides in defamation disputes. We offer a detailed investigative approach to expose or mitigate malicious statements in both print and online media. When needed, we consult with forensic accountants and other experts to account for business losses.