Family Law Lawyers in Yuma, Arizona

Schneider & Onofry, P.C., Attorneys at Law are qualified family law attorneys working in Yuma, Arizona. Our firm offers compassionate and caring counsel to families and individuals facing tough family law questions and concerns. We take the time to understand each client’s unique case and situation, offering our clients quality representation and support as they navigate family law courts and systems. We work closely with clients to help them get the best possible resolution to their cases—from reaching a divorce or child custody settlement to establishing paternity, Schneider & Onofry, P.C., Attorneys at Law are here for you, at 928-257-4887.

If you have children and are going through a divorce, child custody decisions will probably be among the most difficult negotiations you and your former spouse will have to make. There are several ways a parent can have custody of a child. A parent can have physical custody or legal custody. In many cases, one parent will have physical custody of the child, while both parents will share legal custody. Legal custody refers to the right that both parents have to make decisions for their children. Schneider & Onofry, P.C., Attorneys at Law are family law attorneys in Yuma, Arizona who know how difficult child custody matters can be. We offer compassionate counsel to families making these choices, helping them understand their legal rights and options. We can also help individuals understand their rights when it comes to child support.

If both parents cannot agree to a parenting plan, Arizona courts make decisions about child custody based on the best interests of the child. This generally involves a close look at each parent’s ability to provide for the emotional, physical, and psychological well-being of the child. Schneider & Onofry, P.C., Attorneys at Law are family lawyers in Yuma, Arizona who understand that when parents work together to co-parent their children after divorce, the results are often better for the children and the parenting plan is more often honored. When cases get tried before a judge, both parents may not see their wishes honored and the decision can be difficult to change after a ruling has been made. This is why it is often wise to speak to a family lawyer in Yuma, Arizona like Schneider & Onofry, P.C., Attorneys at Law. Our firm can work with you and your ex to help you find an agreement about physical custody, visitation, holidays, and find ways to work out disagreements regarding decisions pertaining to your child’s education, extracurricular activities, and medical needs. Contact Schneider & Onofry, P.C., Attorneys at Law in Yuma, Arizona today to learn more about how we can help. We can be reached at 928-257-4887.

As family lawyers. Schneider & Onofry, P.C., Attorneys at Law in Yuma, Arizona also help families establish paternity. According to the Arizona Department of Economic Security, paternity is usually established when both parents are not married. Parents can fill out forms to voluntarily acknowledge paternity. However, there are cases where matters of establishing paternity are not so simple. In some cases, genetic testing must be performed. In some instances, the father may not cooperate with this process. In some instances, mothers need to seek assistance from the courts to establish paternity.

Why is it important to establish paternity? Once the father of the child has been identified, the father can support the child through child support and also enjoy parenting rights to the child. For fathers, establishing paternity is essential to ensure that you have a say in your child’s upbringing, education, and extracurricular life. For mothers, establishing paternity is important to ensure that the child receives the support he or she deserves.

If you have questions about establishing paternity in Yuma, Arizona, speak to the qualified family lawyers at Schneider & Onofry, P.C., Attorneys at Law. We can either help you submit required forms or begin appropriate court procedures. When your family’s rights are on the line, we can help.

In addition to divorce, child custody, and paternity matters, Schneider & Onofry, P.C., Attorneys at Law are family law attorneys in Yuma, Arizona who can also support you in whatever family law concern you may have. We can assist with adoption. We can also help you understand your rights if you need to get a restraining order for domestic violence. Family law is a complex area, but we offer caring and compassionate guidance to diverse families who need help as they navigate the family law courts.

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